Recently, CIVITAS interviewed Sam Schwartz (Gridlock Sam) who explained the concerns presented by the current proposal to construct a ramp at East 91st Street for the Marine Transfer Station. Approximately 150 sanitation trucks per day will make right turns at the proposed 91st Street entrance. Locating this ramp between Asphalt Green and its playing field is dangerous for the thousands of children, seniors and other pedestrians who will cross this street every day. CIVITAS supports moving the MTS entrance ramp to a safer location.

Click here to watch the trailer. Stay tuned for the FULL interview.

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In May 2010, CIVITAS and Manhattan Community Board 11’s zoning committee organized a tour of East Harlem blocks that were rezoned in 2003.  This multi-year, community-led effort encompassed East 99thth to 122nd Streets, Third Avenue to Pleasant Avenue.

The 2010 tour was led by land use planner Richard Bass, who volunteered his time to explain how the zoning resolution is interpreted in new construction.  He also advised participants and community leaders on urban design concerns and details to address in future rezoning efforts.  Conceived as an educational tool, the tour was videotaped and produced as a seven-minute film.

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CIVITAS celebrates the life and legacy of Paul Newman (1925-2008), the late iconic American actor and advisory board member. A passionate advocate and philanthropist, one of his greatest contributions to CIVITAS and the East Side was the 1985 filming of “No More Tall Stories.” This seven-minute advocacy piece was screened and
circulated to illustrate the need for contextual rezoning on East Side Avenues.

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30th Anniversary Benefit Slideshow from Civitas Citizen on Vimeo.

In honor of CIVITAS’ 30th Anniversary celebration we put together a slideshow of our friends, events, and accomplishments throughout the years.  To see photos of our 2011 Benefit, visit