Bridge the Gap: A Pedestrian Bridge to Randall’s Island

Access to the river esplanade for the residents of East Harlem is sparse, difficult, and even dangerous. Randall’s Island, which for land use purposes is deemed part of East Harlem, is being developed as a first-class sports and recreation facility. Yet there is no access to Randall’s Island from East Harlem north of 102nd Street. (That narrow pedestrian bridge actually lands in Ward’s Island).

A feasibility study was commissioned by CIVITAS in conjunction with the State of New York to determine the best location for a pedestrian bridge mid-way between 102nd and 125th Streets that would provide access to the Manhattan waterfront and would open up Randall’s Island to much greater use by East Harlem residents. The final report, issued in May 2006, recommends two alternate sites for a pedestrian bridge to Randall’s Island: 116th Street and 120th Street. CIVITAS is meeting with elected officials, community leaders and various potential user organizations (schools, athletic leagues, etc.) to promote the concept.

Bridge the Gap: Connecting Manhattan and Randall’s Island – an engineering study prepared by RBA and co-sponsored by Manhattan Borough President’s Office, CIVITAS Citizens, and Department of State Division of Coastal Resources.  Click here to download the full study.